Michail Chopra

Chief Executive Officer, Mayfair We Care

Michail Chopra is a successful entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Mayfair We Care, which he and his father, Don Chopra, established in 1991. Their vision was to create a leading international insurance broker and claims administrator and to grow the company into a global enterprise. To date, Mayfair We Care has a presence in 8 countries across the world and has played a key role in developing its corporate relationships, compliance, and growth strategy.

Under Michail Chopra's leadership, the company has grown into a global enterprise with offices in India, the UK, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, and representation in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Michail is particularly passionate about helping Indian enterprises extend health benefits to their employees abroad seamlessly, and through Mayfair We Care Ltd, he has helped global corporations save money through outsourcing their administration.

Michail's accomplishments demonstrate his expertise and dedication in providing world leading innovative solutions to his clients and the International Private Medical Insurance market in general.