Anuj Jindal

SVP - Provider Network

Anuj Jindal is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare and insurance industry. He is currently serving as the Senior Vice President at Medi Assist. Anuj's expertise lies in building innovative solutions like instant cashless discharge that enhance customers trust in insurance, thereby resulting in lower attrition and better premiums for the industry.

Prior to joining Medi Assist, Anuj was the Co-Founder & CEO of SureClaim, his entrepreneurial nature is evident in his track record where he led the company's efforts in delivering innovative solutions to the insurance industry. He has also held key positions at leading healthcare organizations such as Practo, Milann - The Fertility Center, Manipal Hospitals, and TCS.

Anuj's passion for solving complex problems and exploring new opportunities for growth continues to be a driving force in his success.